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Our Programs and Services

Supporting a Global Initiative

Inspire 4 Life Pathways

We focus on providing four solutions through our Inspire 4 Life Pathways: 

Diamonds in the Rough: Minds Beyond Measure strives to empower under-served youth through Creative Arts and Cultural Enrichment Programs, all while developing their literacy, cognitive, social and emotional skills.

Child & Youth Development Programs

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Minds Beyond Measure strives to improve instructional practices and student outcomes through transformational coaching.  Every teacher—no matter their experience level—deserves a coach.

Teacher-Centered Coaching

Support Group

Minds Beyond Measure strives to build upon pedagogical practices and strengthen teaching and learning practices.  

Professional Development


A global initiative to provide children and youth with access to quality education and life empowerment programs that teach invaluable life lessons and skills that our schools do not.

We Program


District Administrators: Learn More About Funding 

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